DM Wireless 20ft Antenna Extension Cable

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Kit Includes

  • (Qty 1) 20ft Antenna Extension Cable
  • Type N-Connector Male to Type-N Connector Female (Threaded RF Connector)
  • Length - 20ft
  • Jacketing - PVC
  • For use with AgCam 8dBi antennas (omni or directional) only

Package Dimensions:  1.0 x 1.0 x 18.5 inches
Packaged Product Weight:  0.40 pounds
UPC:  817436011384

How to Install an AgCam Ranch Hand Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

One of the most common technical support calls we get are about our wireless units. In this video we have outlined the included components as well as basic setup suggestions for equipment and locations. Check out our complete wireless product listing at

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