Video Footage

AgCam Spring 2012 - Wireless camera in calving barn

Wireless AgCam camera featured during day and night conditions in a calving barn. Wireless is a feature that can be easily added to any AgCam camera, allowing for wireless viewing of a distance over 2 miles! Great for calving barns, farrowing, foaling and more. IR night vision makes leaving the lights on overnight unnecessary. Check out the complete AgCam line at

AgCam Fall 2011 - May Wes Poly Star on planter

Wireless AgCam in use watching May Wes Poly star wheels on planter. The AgCam transmitter & camera were attached to a 12v battery for power. Check out the complete AgCam line at

Wireless AgCam Fall 2011 - May Wes Stalk Stomper in Corn Stubble

Wireless AgCam video shows how clear the wireless signal can be. AgCam cameras can be wired or wireless. Using our accessory antennas (and with good line of sight), you can get over 2 miles (we've see up over 4 in some areas). Find an AgCam dealer near you at

AgCam Fall 2011 - Orthman 1Tripper

AgCam in use on an Orthman 1Tripper (Pronounced "One-Tripper") Strip Tillage unit. This is a great view of this mean machine that allows for one pass strip tillage. I love how it just tears up the heavy corn stalks without skipping a beat.

AgCam Fall 2011 - Sunflower 9830 Air Drill

AgCam in use on a Sunflower 9830 Air Drill with tow behind cart. This video illustrates several great locations for a rear view camera.

AgCam Fall 2011 - White 8936 Track Planter

AgCam in use on a new White 8936 Track Planter. This is one huge beast that is incredibly difficult to see from the cab. We also have footage of this thing unfolding, but it takes quite awhile so I haven't uploaded it. If anyone is interested let me know and we'll post it.

AgCam Fall 2011 - Sunflower 4610 Disk Ripper

AgCam in use on a Sunflower 4610 Disk Ripper. Clearly shows how this machine can rip through heavy debris.

AgCam Fall 2011 - Sunflower 1830 Disk

AgCam rear view camera in use on Sunflower 1830 disk. Clearly shows disk penetration and resedue management.

AgCam Fall 2010 - Fantini Header with May Wes Stalk Stompers

AgCam in use during corn harvest on Fantini corn head equipped with Stalk Stompers from May Wes.

AgCam Fall 2010 - John Deere Tailings Elevator Corn Harvest

Here's a great example of how the image stabilization of the AgCam really shines. The location the camera is mounted is a very high vibration area, yet as you can see on the video, the image is nice and steady.

AgCam Fall 2010 - John Deere Combine Hopper Corn Harvest

Not all cameras are created equal and this footage is a perfect example of how Dakota Micro excels in Industrial Camera Innovation. The Agcam features a photogray/self darkening lens on the front of the camera allows the operator to see the corn in the hopper even when the camera is pointed directly into the sun.

AgCam Fall 2010 - Harvestec Corn Header on Combine

The best part of combining corn is watching the corn stalks rattle and then disappear into the header. You can almost hear the sucking sound as they get annihilated by this Harvestec header.

AgCam Fall 2010 - Gleaner Combine Soybean Harvest

Soybean harvest in North Dakota without a good hard frost makes an AgCam valuable for watching what's going in...and also what needs to get pushed back out.

AgCam Fall 2010 - 8,000 Bushel Grain Bun unload

This footage clearly displays the superior capabilities of the AgCam in dark conditions. This grain bin only has the roof vent and top lid open and the AgCam is able to utilize all of the available light and give you a perfect image.

AgCam Fall 2010 - Sugar Beet Harvest

This is one of the cooler pieces of footage we have since it's a piece of equipment many folks never get to see, especially close up. This is a beet lifter harvesting sugar beets. Note how the AgCam takes the heavy dust and vibration this piece of equipment throws at it and it just keeps on smilin.

AgCam Fall 2010 - Grain Cart unloading into semi

This footage has a great view of the grain cart driving around the field to the semi can see the combine unloading in the background and count the corn as it comes out of the auger. This camera was in use most of the day and still has a crisp, clear image.

AgCam Fall 2010 - Corn Harvest Unloading into Truck 2

AgCam camera mounted on Case IH Combine Auger. Notice how even in a high vibration area like an auger, the image is stable and clear.

AgCam Fall 2011 - Sunflower 9830 Air Drill

AgCam in use on a Sunflower 9830 Air Drill with tow behind cart. This video illustrates several great locations for a rear view camera.

AgCam Summer 2010 - John Deere Round Baler

AgCam in use on John Deere Round Baler. Angles include bale release and baler throat.

AgCam Summer 2010 - Crop Spraying Plane

Great Pilots eye view of the AgCam on a crop sprayer

AgCam Summer 2007 - Sport Fishing Pond

The AgCam is not only tough, it's completely waterproof. Check out some great fish (and a turtle).