Dakota Micro Cord

Crazy Sh**

We had to think long and hard what to do with all of the videos that we made (and are planning on making) that are just plain…well, downright crazy and dumb.

Don't get me wrong, they were insanely fun to think up, and even funner (It's a word) to do. We must say, in our own defense, these particular videos do seem to succeed in telling the tale of just how durable a Dakota Micro camera really is in a whole new, albeit cockeyed, way. Enjoy.

Blowing up an AgCam camera

Can We Break It? - We decided to find out if a Dakota Micro AgCam could handle getting BLOWN UP! We started with a small explosion and we were having so much fun they just kept getting bigger and bigger (the bigger the boom the more fun we were having). This video isn't just a regular CanWeBreakIt, we had a blast making it (pardon the pun). ENJOY!!

Lenny the camera gets shot and DIES...permanently

Dakota Micro, Inc. brings you the final moments in the life of Lenny the camera. Pulled from his normal duties as a backup camera, he has been drug behind a vehicle, frozen, beat with a baseball bat, thrown at a wall and run over with a Bobcat...now, he has been put to the task of stopping bullets...which he was quite unsuccessful at.

Lenny the Camera Dies in the Microwave

And so the saga ends...sadly I might add. The brave, yet proud AgCam known as Lenny has filmed his last Can We Break it...and yes, the microwave still works!

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