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Impact & Vibration

As the heading suggests, the videos in this segment are primarily focused on doing things to Dakota Micro cameras that involve Impact and Vibration. Since this is a page heading, I'm certain it should say more…but really, we've got nothing…just watch the videos. You didn't come here to read anyway.

Lenny goes through 5/8" sheetrock

Dakota Micro, Inc. manufacturers of the AgCam and EnduraCam cameras bring you another episode of the adventures of Lenny. After using Lenny for a baseball, Charissa encountered many folks who took great pleasure in telling her she threw like a girl...well, here is concrete proof that she has what it takes...sending Lenny through a 5/8" sheet of sheetrock...

Zombie Lenny vs the Bobcat

For those of you following the Saga of Lenny the AgCam, you know that in our last CanWeBreakIt we put Lenny in the microwave and this decision caused his life functions to cease...or have they? Let's see what happens when the resurrected Lenny goes up against a Skid Steer Loader...and WINS!

Lenny Gets to be the Baseball

In this episode, we use Lenny for a baseball, and we whack him around pretty good.

Lenny Gets Run Over

First we drug him behind a vehicle, now we decide to run him over..first on gravel, then through mud and then on blacktop.

Lenny Gets Dragged

Birds eye view of a camera as it gets dragged behind a vehicle on a gravel road.

Can We Break It? No way, not this time.

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