OverView Wireless Reciever Kit

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Kit Includes

  • (Qty 1) Wireless Receiver, 4-channel
  • (Qty 1) 3dBi antenna (Transmission up to 2,000ft)
  • (Qty 1) 12v power (cigarette lighter)
  • (Qty 1) 1500mA A/C power adaptor for TX (not pictured)
  • (Qty 1) RCA adaptor

Package Dimensions:  3.0 x 7.0 x 12.63 inches
Packaged Product Weight:  1.42 pounds
UPC:  817436011636


  • Channel - 4 Selectable channels
  • CH1 Frequency - 2.411GHz
  • CH2 Frequency - 2.431GHz
  • CH3 Frequency - 2.451GHz
  • CH4 Frequency - 2.471GHz
  • A/V connections - A/V jack-RCA to RCA line jacks OR OverView Camera plug
  • Antenna - Detachable dipole antenna (optional larger antennas available)
  • Operating Voltages - DV 9V-12V/1500mA power adpator (use 1200mA adaptor with AgCam monitor)
  • Temp Limit - Not to exceed 120°F (49°C)
  • Calculated RF Exposeure at d=cm (mW/cm2) - 0.71
  • Allows for easy wireless upgrade to your OverView camera system
  • Your receiver is conveniently powered from your OverView monitor for mobile applications
  • Easy access RCA output jacks enable you to directly view your image on your own television
  • You can have as many as 4 cameras wireless
  • All transmitters & receivers available individually
  • Optional antennas allow you to view cameras up to 3+ miles away (with line of sight)
  • Transmits on powerful and reliable 2.4GHz bandwidth
  • Fully FCC Certified
AgCam Spring 2012 - Wireless camera in calving barn

Wireless AgCam camera featured during day and night conditions in a calving barn. Wireless is a feature that can be easily added to any AgCam camera, allowing for wireless viewing of a distance over 2 miles! Great for calving barns, farrowing, foaling and more. IR night vision makes leaving the lights on overnight unnecessary

How to Install an AgCam Ranch Hand Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

One of the most common technical support calls we get are about our wireless units. In this video we have outlined the included components as well as basic setup suggestions for equipment and locations. Check out our complete wireless product listing at http://dakotamicro.com/agcam/products.php?category=Wireless

All OverView Equipment is warranted for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

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