AgCam Wireless Waterproof Pair

Dakota Micro Part number: DMAC-RHWP PAIR

Includes waterproof transmitter and standard receiver, two (2) each of 3dBi antenna, 12v power, A/C power and RCA adapter. Transmitters and receivers are also available individually. 

  • (Qty 1) Waterproof Wireless Transmitter, 4-channel (DMAC-RHWP-TX)
  • (Qty 1) Standard Wireless Receiver, 4-channel (DMAC-RHRX)
  • (Qty 2) 3dBi Antenna (Transmission up to 2,000ft)
  • (Qty 2) 12v Cigarette Lighter Power Adaptor (DMAC-12v)
  • (Qty 2) 2000mA A/C Power Adaptor (not pictured) (DMAC-PA)
  • (Qty 1) RCA Adaptor
  • Channel - 4 Selectable channels
  • CH1 Frequency - 2.411GHz
  • CH2 Frequency - 2.431GHz
  • CH3 Frequency - 2.451GHz
  • CH4 Frequency - 2.471GHz
  • A/V connections - A/V jack-RCA to RCA line jacks OR AgCam Camera plug
  • Antenna - Detachable dipole antenna (optional larger antennas available)
  • Operating Voltages - DV 9V-12V/1500mA power adaptor (use 1200mA adaptor with AgCam monitor)
  • Temp Limit - Not to exceed 120°F (49°C)
  • Calculated RF Exposure at d=cm (mW/cm2) - 0.71
  • Waterproof housing enables users to mount the transmitter outdoors in extreme elements
  • Sealed against extremely high humidity, making it perfect for barns or outside
  • Allows for easy wireless upgrade to your AgCam system
  • Your receiver is conveniently powered from your AgCam monitor for mobile applications
  • Easy access RCA output jacks enable you to directly view the image on your own television
  • You can have as many as 4 cameras wireless
  • All transmitters & receivers available individually
  • Optional antennas allow you to view cameras up to 3+ miles away (with line of sight)
  • Transmits on powerful and reliable 2.4GHz bandwidth
  • Fully FCC Certified


IMPORTANT: Certain frequencies may interfere with wireless signals from other devices, including routers. If you find you have an issue, try a different channel on your wireless unit or other device to find a compatible frequency range for both devices to work together harmoniously.


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