AgCam or EnduraCam Camera to Kinze Grain Cart Video Adaptor Cable

AGCO Part number: DMACQC2ACM

Comparable to Vendor Part Number: DMAC-QC-2ACM

Allows for the input of Deutsch camera connector on a Kinze Grain Cart to an AgCam/EnduraCam 5 pin connector.

(Qty 1) AgCam/EnduraCam 5-pin Male to Deutsch Camera Connector

IMPORTANT: This adaptor only converts the Deutsch plug on your Kinze Grain Cart over to a standard AgCam connection. You will then need an AgCam/EnduraCam power/video extension cable (one per camera) to bring your video signal up into your cab. Dakota Micro offers video cables in 10ftlengths up to a maximum of 60ft (usually a 20ft length will work perfectly). Once your video signal is in your tractor cab, you can input that video signal into almost any monitor. Dakota Micro offers video adaptors for a variety of different monitors including AgLeader, John Deere and Trimble (just to name a few).

  • Cable Length: 12in
  • Connections: AgCam 5 pin males to Deutsch camera connector
  • Power Input: Power is supplied to the cameras on a power port located on the Kinze Grain Cart.
  • Functional on 2012 and newer Kinze 900, 1100, 1300, and 1500 Grain Carts.
    This adaptor works with both NTSC and PAL AgCam cameras.