Real world tough

We told you our camera systems are rugged but don’t take our word for it. Check out these videos of people using their Dakota Micro camera systems to get the job done. From the air to the barn, there’s no job that’s too hard.

AgCam in -35F Temperatures (Jan 30th, 2019)

AgCam camera capturing the beauty of a soap bubble freezing at -35F at our factory in North Dakota. Subscribe to our youtube channel “dakotamicro” to see what comes next!





Logging / Forestry Claw

Wireless EnduraCam on Eagle Claw logging claw

Rock Crusher

Ruggedized EnduraCam camera system in use monitoring rock crushing equipment.

AgCam Wireless camera in calving barn

Wireless AgCam camera featured during day and night conditions in a calving barn. Wireless is a feature that can be easily added to any AgCam camera, allowing for wireless viewing of a distance over 2 miles! Great for calving barns, farrowing, foaling and more. IR night vision makes leaving the lights on overnight unnecessary.

May Wes Stalk Stomper in Corn Stubble

Wireless AgCam video shows how clear the wireless signal can be. AgCam cameras can be wired or wireless. Using our accessory antennas (and with good line of sight), you can get over 2 miles (we’ve see up over 4 in some areas).

Sunflower 9830 Air Drill

AgCam in use on a Sunflower 9830 Air Drill with tow behind cart. This video illustrates several great locations for a rear view camera.

John Deere Combine Hopper Corn Harvest

Not all cameras are created equal and this footage is a perfect example of how Dakota Micro excels in Industrial Camera Innovation. The Agcam features a photogray/self darkening lens on the front of the camera allows the operator to see the corn in the hopper even when the camera is pointed directly into the sun.

Crop Spraying Plane

Great Pilots eye view of the AgCam on a crop sprayer