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High Definition Industrial IP Camera

The InnoPro camera is a high definition industrial IP Camera built to survive just about anything the world has to throw at it. Manufactured in the USA, the InnoPro was designed to withstand environments where most IP Cameras will fail. Deployed in extreme weather or heavy industrial applications, the InnoPro has impressive specs including; a camera body carved from a solid aluminum billet, triple hardened glass lens, and triple o-ring seal to protect against dust and water intrusion (IP69+), vandalism (IK10), and extreme temperatures (-45°C-66°C / -45°F-150°F). The InnoPro is an ONVIF compliant IP Camera for serious conditions.

InnoPro cameras are sold and installed through our network of professional security and surveillance dealer network or built into other solutions with our OEM customers. If you’re looking for cameras to meet your most punishing requirements, look no further than the InnoPro.

The InnoPro Camera is ONVIF compliant and you can use your preferred IP Camera Monitoring Software. Dakota Micro also offers our InnoPro IP Camera Monitor Software. (Download here)

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