Go Where Other Cameras Cannot

It started with a farmer. But that doesn’t mean our cameras are just for agriculture. We’ve got a solution for every industry requiring a highly ruggedized camera where other camera systems fail.

Green Field with mountains in the background


Keep operations running smoothly with cameras that cut down on radio chatter and trips in and out of your cab.

Construction Vehicles on sand with blue sky background


The most durable, reinforced cameras for heavy construction applications designed to take whatever you throw at it.

Pile of chopped wood

Logging & Forestry

Heavy-duty cameras and wireless solutions designed to work with you, not against you.

Pit Mine hole

Mining & Aggregate

A camera that doesn’t just survive, but helps you thrive in the most unforgiving terrain.

Service Truck back end with EnduraCam camera mounted

Service Trucks

Don’t rely on the beep, beep, beep to keep you safe. Watch what’s behind and around your service vehicles with a Dakota Micro camera system.

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