Improve Safety and Efficiency on the Worksite

Improve safety and efficiency on the worksite with a durable, reinforced camera designed to take whatever you dish out. Because sometimes the beep, beep, beep, just isn’t good enough.

Enduracam Eliminate Blindspots BlueEnduracam Backup With Ease 2 BlueAg Real Time Monitoring BlueEnduracam Bird's Eye View Blue
Eliminate Blind SpotsNo Spotter NeededReal-Time AdjustmentsBird’s Eye View
Safely back up and maneuver large equipment without fear of injuring people or property.Reduce the number of workers from 2 to 1 with a camera system that acts as your back-up spotter.Monitor operations and make adjustments in real-time without ever leaving the cab.View angles you couldn’t otherwise see without the help of a camera system.

Recommended Camera Lines

Agcam Updated


Our reinforced EnduraCam cameras are designed to withstand intense vibration and extreme weather conditions.

Dmrz Cbkt With Camera


The widest angle lens in the Dakota Micro product lineup offers the best view of obstacles directly behind a vehicle or piece of machinery.

Contact your local dealer to talk about which camera system is right for your worksite.


Dave Turin and the crew from Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine tests the hardiness of the EnduraCam against a wash plant, 40-ton haul truck, bulldozer, and excavator.

Dozer Dave Turin trusts the EnduraCam camera to safely back up his service truck. Listen to what he has to say about how it helps him on the worksite.

Nate Clark of Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine utilizes the EnduraCam on his service truck to back up in tight spaces without a spotter or getting in and out of his cab.

Dan Ehleringer, the Trail Coordinator for West Central Trailblazers Snowmobile Club in Morris, MN, uses the EnduraCam to monitor his drag and make adjustments in real-time. Plus, he uses the RazerCam to quickly hook up attachments without needing an extra set of hands.

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Setup Guides

Concrete Mixer Industrial Cityscape

 Skid Steer Snowy Cityscape Road

 Work Truck Industrial Cityscape

 Snowplow Spreader Snowy Blue Mountain Road


Mauro Laguna

Hialeah, Florida

The EnduraCam system is doing excellent so far; I must tell you guys this is a really robust and reliable product, could not be any happier with it.

Larry Leshovsky

Richland County Sheriff, North Dakota

Thank you for your past relationship with the Richland County Sheriff’s Office. It has been great working with an organization that truly cares about our needs.


Eagle Carriage

We have used Dakota Micro Camera’s on our remote-controlled line grapples for four years and find them to be very durable and user friendly.

Mark Haan

Washington County DOT in Stillwater, Minnesota

The Dakota Micro system we had installed on our trucks was overall a good experience for us. This system is foolproof for outdoor use and is very well constructed. To date, we have had no problems with the system. We would strongly recommend the Dakota Micro system because it is durable and can handle the constant jarring and abuse in all weather conditions.