Stay Up to Date, on the Go

Stay up to date, on the go with an IP camera you can monitor remotely on any device, anywhere, anytime.

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Remotely Monitor OperationsWork in Tough ConditionsNetwork SecureMonitor in Real-Time
Remotely monitor your operations on any device, anywhere, anytime.Continue working in the toughest conditions where other IP cameras fail.Keep operations secure by routing through your own network.Monitor the jobsite in real-time to make timely adjustments.

Recommended Camera Lines

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Built to the same tough specs as our AgCam, the InnoPro IP camera is the best solution for those needing to remotely monitor operations.

Contact your local dealer to talk about which camera system is right for your worksite.


Dave Turin sleeps better at night knowing his valuables are being monitored remotely with the Dakota Micro InnoPro camera system.

Zach Johnson (Millennial Farmer) watches his dryer operations at night from the comfort of his home office with our InnoPro IP cameras.

Millennial Farmer, Zach Johnson, uses the InnoPro cameras to remotely monitor his grain bins from his phone.

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Setup Guides

Innopro Cattle Barn Monitoring


Zach Johnson (Millennial Farmer)


I can check on everything overnight and make sure the pipes are good, the dryer numbers are good, and everything is still together.

Dave Turin

Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine

It gives you peace of mind, really, knowing that the cameras are on. . . Actually makes you sleep better at night. . . It starts up, fires up, and goes.

Zach Johnson (Millennial Farmer)


Luckily, now I can monitor the dryer from in the office at all hours of the night. So if everything looks fine here, I probably don’t even need to go out there at three o’clock.