Meeting the Crew of Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine

A Crew with a Heart of Gold

Posted on: February 11, 2021 Category: See What You've Been Missing Blog

By: Gary Manske – Executive Director, Sales & Marketing

As an extrovert, I am not one to shy away from meeting people. One of my strengths lies in finding ways to connect with individuals for mutual benefit, the quintessential aspect of networking that has served me well in my sales career. This is one such story of how a friend connected me with Dozer Dave Turin, the star of Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine on the Discovery Channel, and how our relationship-turned-friendship began.


Many years ago, I was on a mission trip in Nicaragua to build a school. It was here that I met Tim Holmberg, the owner of Dakota Equipment Manufacturing from Aberdeen, SD. Two middle-aged white men standing side-by-side at ConExpo 2020 boothI hit it off with Tim and we remain good friends today. We are the kind of friends where you do not talk for months or years and when you do, it is like you never missed a day.

Tim has been fabricating innovative mining solutions for years. His work was even featured on the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush a few years back. During the show, Tim met Dave Turin.

To make a long story short, Dakota Equipment Manufacturing became a dealer for Dakota Micro. Dakota Micro shared a booth with Dakota Equipment Manufacturing at ConExpo in Las Vegas in March of 2020. It is during this event that Tim introduced me to Dave Turin.

Onsite Installation

After introductions and showing Dave our durable cameras, I offered to come to his mine site and install cameras for both security of his gold room, and on some equipment, to improve operator safety and efficiency. The offer was accepted, and we began planning the project.  

COVID-19 threw some uncertainty into this project, but we were able to work through these challenges and began work onsite with Dave and his crew in July.

Dave’s crew is amazing. They are as hard working as you can imagine. What struck me more was how genuine the crew is and how quickly and easily they are to get to know. Sure, they are tough, but they have hearts of gold – no pun intended – and are genuinely wonderful people I am now able to call friends.

A colleague and I worked several days alongside the crew installing and configuring the cameras. We installed our InnoPro IP cameras to record activities in and around the Gold Room. We also installed the EnduraCam on Nathan (Nate) Clark and Dozer Dave’s trucks.

Nate is Dave’s mechanic. He gave us some great feedback on how the EnduraCam camera immediately began helping him operate more safely and efficiently in positioning his truck. The project concluded, and we said our goodbyes knowing we would see these guys again.

A Tough Year

Two middle-aged, white-bearded men standing side-by-side smiling for a pictureSadly, we would not see all the crew members again. We were very surprised and saddened to hear of the of passing Jesse Goins, one of Dave’s crew members, shortly after we left. Jesse Goins was a mountain of a man – not in stature – but in personality and heart.

It was especially hard to comprehend because we spent most of our time around Jesse. I will miss him. Despite only knowing him for a short time, Jesse truly made an indelible mark on my heart.

Following the news of Jesse, we were shocked to hear of Dave’s fathers passing. Another blow to Dave and his crew.

A Second Visit

Fast forward to the end of the mining season and my colleague made a follow-up visit to see Dave and his crew in September. Despite a very difficult year, Dave was as hospitable as ever and we were able to film a few short videos showcasing our products.

Close-up of bulldozer's tracks running over EnduraCam cameraThese videos will be released over time and available through the Dakota Micro YouTube channel. They include testimonials about our cameras as well as a “Can We Break It” challenge we posed to the crew. You will have to watch these videos to see how many tries it took for them to disable our EnduraCam camera. Hint: It is more than one or two.

We look forward to watching another season of Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine premiering soon on Discovery Channel. Though difficulties and setbacks, Dave and his crew are the genuine deal. They truly have hearts of gold.


Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, airs on the Discovery Channel and follows the work of “Dozer Dave” Turin and his crew as they search abandoned mines with the hope of resurrecting left-behind gold.