New guidance system with multiple features will be at MAGIE

Posted on: December 29, 2010 Category: DM in the News

The Prairie Star
Originally published Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jim Sergent, at KMON radio, is excited about the CFX 750. This brand new guidance system will just be one of many exciting new products at the Montana Agricultural and Industrial Expo (MAGIE) in Great Falls.

Mark Heiken, co-owner of Triangle Ag-Services, will be bringing a CFX 750 to the show, which will run Jan. 20-22, 2011 at the Four Seasons Arena.

Heiken confirmed the product is new and has not been shown at the MAGIE before.

“They just released it in August and started shipping in September,” he said. “It’s a new guidance system from Trimble and is replacing the EZ Guide 500, which has been out for five years.”

Heiken also said the CFX 750 is a touch screen, which makes it much easier to use, especially when entering field names and other text information.

The 750 is a basic guidance system with steering and sprayer product control. It offers all the features of the EZ Guide 500 with even more options, accordingto Heiken. One big plus to the new 750 system is that it can be hooked up to two AgCams and the 750 monitor will display in the cab whatever the camera is seeing.

“So the 750 monitor can actually do multiple things,” said Heiken, adding that in the past the AgCams required a separate monitor in the cab. “Now they can be connected directly into the 750.”

The AgCam, by Dakota Micro, Inc., is an extremely rugged camera system. “It was designed just for agriculture. It was designed to take the dust and the vibration that comes along with being out in the field,” Heiken said.

The camera can be mounted anywhere the operator needs it, is waterproof and has infrared night vision. The AgCam allows the operator to view places he can’t see from the cab. The camera’s view allows for more safety and improved efficiency.

“They get used behind air tanks on air drills to see the center section. They are used like rearview mirrors on hay hauling trucks, on top of augers, on combines, grain carts, any place they need a view they can’t see from the cab,” he explained.

“And the 750 will even let them hook up two cameras at a time to it,” he explained. This way the operator can switch between two cameras and have twice the expanded view. The 750 can even be upgraded to receive GLONASS satellites.

“The new 750 is really going to go good. It came out right at seeding time so guys were staying with the 500s they already had, but since then we’ve taken a lot of 500s in trade for the 750. It is a really good, versatile product,” he added.

Triangle-Ag Services will have a 750 on display at the MAGIE. To find out more about the CFX 750, go to