Preseason Camera System Checklist

Posted on: April 9, 2021 Category: See What You've Been Missing Blog

By: Gary Manske – Executive Director, Sales & Marketing

Preparations are underway for spring planting. It is a busy time of the year for farmers as you pull out equipment that has been sitting over the winter. Checking your camera system is an important part of preparations to ensure planting is safe and efficient. We recommend checking your battery output, cables, and connections. Let us take a quick look at why some of these are simple, yet important to check.



Agcam Monitor In Cab Of TractorPower is one of the common issues we see this time of year. Batteries that start and run your equipment also power electronics, including your cameras and monitors. While batteries may have enough power to start the equipment, if not fully charged they may not put out the voltage needed to run the systems on the machine. A Dakota Micro 12V LCD monitor, for example, requires voltage between 10.5V-16.9V, >1,200ma. Making sure your batteries are fully charged will resolve this issue. Now that we have determined your system is powered, it is time to look at cables.



Agcam Watching Jd Planter 2Cables can get pinched which causes shorts and breaks. Scan your cable lengths to be sure there are no areas that have been pinched or cut. If your camera is still not working, look closely to ensure the cable does not have a hidden break. This is also a good time to mention Dakota Micro cables are made with a silicone blend jacket vs. PVC. This silicone blend provides superior performance and protects against degradation from sunlight or cracking from becoming brittle in the cold. If you have PVC cables, you will want to make sure the jacket has not cracked from being flexed in the cold or because the PVC has been degraded by sunlight. Address any issues you find to ensure a short does not cause a larger issue with your equipment. Cables also have connections which should be checked.


Cable Connectors

Cable connectors need to be checked and cleaned. Typically, this is less of an issue with Dakota Micro cables because the connections are sealed. It is still a good idea to make sure spiders and other insects have not taken up residence in connections. After checking, make sure connections are secured to ensure a good connection.


Now that you have checked the power source, cables, and connections, your equipment should continue to provide years of service. However, if things are still not working properly, your dealer, and Dakota Micro, are here to help.