Give it your worst and you’ll still get the best

The AgCam gives you all the features you want in an unbeatable camera system. Initially developed for the punishing conditions and severe weather found on farms, it is now used by a wide variety of industries where rugged dependability and clear images are vital.

The AgCam High Definition camera system features a 100% waterproof, solid aluminum housing, heavy-duty magnet for mounting, and a triple hardened glass lens to stand up to extreme environments. Beneath the rock-solid exterior, you’ll find amazing features such as an auto-shading lens, infrared night vision and quad screen capabilities all in crystal clear HD imaging.

In addition to our 3 year camera warranty and 2 year monitor warranty, you also get our assurance that the AgCam camera system has been put through hell and keeps coming back for more. See for yourself on our “Can We Break It” videos.

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Additional Internal Reinforcement NO
Resolution True HD Resolution (720P)
Country of Manufacture Usa
Durability StarStarStarStarStar Partial
Video Output Type

AHD or Analog

  • Improved color and clarity over standard analog video cameras
Camera Viewing Angles

96°, 55°, 26°, 20° (dependent on lens size)

  • Standard lens features a fixed 3.6mm with a 96° horizontal field
  • Optional lenses available for a narrower viewing angle, giving the option to view subjects further away
  • 6mm lens offers a 55° field of view, 12mm lens offers a 26° horizontal field of view, while a 16mm lens offers a 20° field of view
Wide Angle Backup Camera Available Yes – 170°
  • Video System (NTSC or PAL)
  • Video Output Type (AHD or Analog)
  • Mirroring
Camera Warranty 3 Years
Monitor Warranty 2 years
Waterproof Rating


  • Solid billeted aluminum camera body features Dakota Micro’s proprietary triple o-ring seal making them 100% waterproof even under direct high-pressure spray and underwater use.
Auto-darkening Lens


  • Increased ability to interpret shadowed areas, allowing for a larger viewing area
  • Built-in, high-quality CCD camera with high-performance IR’s with an effective range of 75’+ in complete darkness, resists blooming and back reflection
  • Our exclusive camera body lens darkens in bright conditions and becomes completely transparent under low light conditions
  • This lens is also transparent of infrared light, allowing the LED’s to penetrate even when it is darkened
Camera Housing

IP69 Anodized Aluminum

  • Waterproof, shockproof, and suitable for nearly any use, resists corrosion even in the harshest environments
Cable Type

Superflex Silicone Jacket

  • Made in the USA*
  • Silicone jacketing resists heat, cold, compression & crimping
  • Gold plated, corrosion resistant pins
  • Watertight connections
  • 1/4 twist lock keeps cables securely locked together
  • Our durable power/video extension cables come in 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 50ft, 60ft & 80ft lengths and feature sturdy, watertight connectors
  • 1 Year Warranty
Camera Lens Type Triple Hardened Glass lens resists scratching, scuffing and static buildup
Available in Wireless Yes
Available Monitor Sizes

7 inch, 9 inch, 9 inch Quad

  • 16:9 aspect ratio, so the image doesn’t need to be “stretched” to match monitors
  • Feature the latest in Analog HD technology
  • LED-backlit
  • View both NTSC and PAL cameras
  • Advanced LCD technology allows you to see your image from any angle clearly
  • Mirror the view of any of your cameras for use as a backup camera
  • 4 Camera Inputs
  • Event triggers for each camera allow for triggered events to bring your camera to full view (IE: putting the vehicle in reverse)
  • Color, brightness and contrast controls that allow compensation for use in different environments
  • Remote control, sun shield, and metal U-bracket monitor stand included
Available in Split Screen Yes
Video System NTSC or PAL
# of Available 3rd Party Monitor Adaptors 29
Camera Monitor Kits Available Yes-Single & Double camera kits
Camera Tail Removable/replaceable camera tail for easy replacement

AgCam AHD 7in and 9in Monitor User Manual
PNs: DM-H7, DM-H9, DMAC-H7C1,DMAC-H9C1, DMAC-H7C2 & DMACH9C2 (Updated 06/22/18)

AgCam AHD 9in Quad Monitor Kit User Manual
PNs: DM-H9Q (Updated 10/03/18)

AgCam Camera to 5pin Male M12 Adaptor cable
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AgCam Camera to OverView Monitor Adaptor Install Guide
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AgCam/EnduraCam AHD Camera Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet AgCam/EnduraCam AND Programmable Cameras (Updated 06/11/18)

AgCam Female to Male Threaded Collar S-Video Install Guide
PN: DMAC-MTM (Added 10/14/2016)

AgCam IP Testing
(Updated 09/20/18)

AgCam Male to Female Threaded Collar S-Video Installation Guide
PN: DMAC-MTC (Added 10/14/2016)

AgCam Monitor to Audiovox Camera Adaptor Cable
PN: DMAC‐ADXC (Updated 05/24/17)

AgCam Wireless User Manuals

AGCO C1000 Single Camera Adaptor Install Guide
PN: AC-A1C (Updated 10/14/2016)

AgLeader Four Camera Adaptor Install Guide
PN: DMAC-ALI (Added 10/14/2016)

Audiovox Single Camera Adaptor Install Guide
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Cat/Orlaco Equipment Single Camera Adaptor Install Guide
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Claas Adaptor Install Guide
Claas Adaptor Install Guide Added (10/14/2016)

CNH 7-pin Green Mini Amp Single Camera Adaptor Install Guide
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CNH Single Camera Adaptor Install Guide
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CNH Three Camera Adaptor Install Guide
PN: DMAC-CNH3 (Added 10/14/2016)

Dakota Micro Monitor Input Guide
List of video capable 3rd party monitors and the adapter cables that work with them. (Updated 06/20/18)

Dakota Micro Wide Angle Panel Mount Camera Insert
PN: DM-FWC (Added 07/09/18)

John Deere 2630 CommandView II Double Camera Adaptor Install Guide
PN: DMAC-JD2COC (Added 10/14/2016)

John Deere 2630 Green Star 3 – Three Camera Adaptor Install Guide
PN: DMAC-JD3C (Updated 10/14/2016)

John Deere 6R Series Command Center OR NH CR Combine – Single Camera Adaptor Install Guide
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John Deere Command Center – Single Camera Adaptor Install Guide
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Kinze Grain Cart Adaptor Install Guide
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Monitor In-line Noise Supressor
Added 10/14/2016

Mueller Single Camera Adaptor
PN: DMAC-MLR01 (Added 10/14/2016)

OverView Camera to AgCam Monitor Adaptor Install Guide
PN: DMAC-OVC (Added 10/14/2016)

Quad Screen Splitter Kit User Manual

Simple Sight Software
(Added 05-28-13)

SS-2009 Drivers | SS-2010 Drivers

Television Single Camera Adaptor Install Guide
PN: DMAC-TVA (Added 10/14/2016)

USB Adaptor Cable – Simple Sight User Manual
PN: DMAC-2USB (Updated 06/26/17)

Versatile Terminal Single Camera Install Guide
PN: VER-WAC11 (Added 10/14/2016)

We have a full line of Adaptor Cables, Extension Cables & Accessories and Wireless Accessories to support your Dakota Micro AgCam Cameras & Monitors.