Adapter Cable for TOPCON X30, AGCO C2200 and C3000 Monitors

Allows for the input of up to two AgCam/EnduraCam/RazerCam cameras into TOPCON X30 or AGCO C2200 & C3000 monitors 

  • Camera Input – 2 AgCam/EnduraCam/RazerCam Camera Inputs
  • Power Input – Included 12v Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter
  • Connections – AgCam/EnduraCam/RazerCam Female (5 pin) to TOPCON X30 Connector
  • Adapter Cable length – 37in

IMPORTANT: Dakota Micro will gladly offer technical support for it’s adapters but must decline to provide support for computer and networking components

NOT Compatible with AHD Cameras

AGCO Part number: BUSB1-TC
Comparable to DM Part Number: DMAC-USB1-TC