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Premium camera systems for vehicles and equipment. Engineered for superior quality, built for extreme reliability.

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Discover the Dakota Micro Camera Systems

Dakota Micro sets the industry standard with its premium camera systems tailored for both equipment and vehicles. Crafted with precision engineering, our products are designed to deliver unparalleled quality and performance. From construction sites to agricultural fields and RV road trips, our cameras provide a clear view of your environment. With Dakota Micro, you can trust that your equipment and vehicles are equipped with top-of-the-line technology for enhanced safety and efficiency.


EnduraCam Camera Systems


AgCam Camera Systems


RazerCam Camera Systems


OverView Camera Systems


Enduracam camera
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Our most extreme camera design to date. This made-in-the-USA engineering marvel loves to be used in the most rugged applications. Real-world tested to take it all, so bring on the hot, cold, wet, dry, vibrations, impacts, corrosion, and even ghost peppers; it can handle it.

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The OG camera was invented for agriculture but can be used for so much more. This is the one everyone knows. Made in the USA from day one, ruggedized for the hardest working people on the planet, starting with farmers who feed us.

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RazerCam Camera
RazerCam Logo

The sleekest sexiest camera that you will find in the world. We named it after a Razer for a reason. Its 170° and 120° field of view and mounting design make it the most versatile camera on the market.

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OverView Camera
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The most affordable rear-view camera we sell. The OverView® line of cameras is a reliable and economical way to improve visibility, productivity, and safety in lighter-duty applications.

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