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Introducing the Dakota Micro EnduraCam: An extreme-duty camera designed for the harshest conditions.

Dakota Micro’s EnduraCam Camera sets an unprecedented benchmark for reliability and rearward visibility using cutting-edge technology with unparalleled ruggedness. Tailored to outperform in the most challenging scenarios, including commercial trucks, agricultural vehicles, and industrial machinery, the EnduraCam integrates advanced functionalities that establish an unmatched level of situational awareness. By eliminating blind spots and optimizing operational efficiency, it ensures a heightened sense of security. We highly recommend using the EndurCam in construction, agriculture, mining, logging, maritime, transportation, and emergency, to name only a few.


All our EnduraCam® cameras are hand-focused and double-inspected to provide you with the highest clarity. Milled out of a chunk of solid billet aluminum and then anodized, this camera is designed to withstand just about every use and environment, from dry to wet and dirty to corrosive. We reinforce the components individually for added protection against continual vibrations and impact. Additionally, the camera’s quality optical devices and imaging sensors are protected with our triple-hardened curved glass lens to provide you with clear, dependable images in all light settings. All this and more is supported by our 5-year camera warranty against manufacturer defects and guaranteed forever against water or dust ingress. You can be confident you are not only getting a camera, but a return on your investment.

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Unyielding Resilience in Extreme Conditions

With its robust construction and impervious waterproof design, this camera remains unwavering even in the harshest conditions, all while delivering unmatched video clarity. Gain the confidence of flawlessly executed reverse maneuvers and peace of mind with top-tier safety precautions. Experience an extraordinary driving perspective with the Dakota Micro EnduraCam – a pinnacle of innovative camera engineering meticulously crafted to endure and excel.


Designed explicitly with a triple-hardened glass lens, an anodized aluminum body, and reinforced internal components, the EnduraCam is geared to withstand extreme weather and vibrations. These features also render it entirely waterproof and dustproof, making it the ideal companion for any situation. The EnduraCam is particularly well-suited for snow plows, dump trucks, and cement trucks, offering superior reliability and performance.

Enduracam Logo 09 17 20

Specs & Guides

System Specs

EnduraCam Variable Specs

Country of Manufacture

United States (Modified and tested in the USA)

Video System

NTSC (Silver Cam Body, 60Hz, 30fps) or
PAL (Black Cam Body, 50Hz, 25fps)

Video Type

CVBS (Analog) or
AHD (Analog High Definition)

Vertical x Horizontal Resolution

640 x 480 (CVBS) or
1280 x 720 (AHD)

Lens Angle

Standard = 92° FOV or
Custom = 46°, 21°, or 15° FOV

Reversible Image


EnduraCam Static Specs

Image Pick-up Device


Scanning System


Night Vision

IR LEDs Lights


0.01 LUX@F1.2

Electronic Shutter


Back Light Compensation

Auto On/Off

Camera Body Lens

Triple Hardened Auto Darkening Glass

Operating Power

12v (CVBS) or
12v – 24v (AHD)

Operating Temp

-45°F (-43°C) ~150°F (66°C)

Camera Connection

EN3 5-pin Male


Solid Anodized Billet Aluminum Case


2.13″ (54.1mm) (W) x 2.13″ (54.1mm) (L) x 2.12″ (53.8mm) (H)


Currently Unknown

Waterproof Rating


Vibration/Shock Rating

IK10 (BS EN 62262)


Dakota Micro Product Catalog

Dakota Micro Lens Selection Guide – Features list of available lenses

Monitor Input Guide – Features list of available adapter cables

Set-Up Guides

There are a lot of ways to use your Dakota Micro camera system and we’ve made every task easier by making sure you always get the view you need. View our Lens Selection Guide to find an option that works best for your application.


Concrete Mixer

SnowPlow Spreader

Work Truck

AgCam/EnduraCam Specs

Embark on a new era of driving confidence and operational superiority with the Dakota Micro EnduraCam Camera.

Redefine your safety standards and elevate your driving experience with this technological marvel that remains steadfast in the face of adversity, ensuring your safety no matter the circumstances.