Use Cases

The proof is in the pudding. Click on the Use Case examples below to see how our products are helping real people get real jobs done.

Use Case Examples by Equipment

Full view of the RazerCam flush-mounted in the buzzer hole of a Bobcat

Skid Steer

Navigate tight spaces with ease without getting out of your cab

John Deere sprayer test spraying on gravel surface


From plugged nozzles to the traffic behind you, see it all

John Deere tractor pulling a Kuhn fertilizer tank and strip tiller

Strip Tiller

Watch all the important parts of your equipment, even in dusty conditions

Full view of the side of a pickup truck with a snowplow attachment on the front and salter on the back. Mountains and trees in the background.


Rain or sleet or even snow, we got your back

Img 6158

Fertilizer Tender

Monitor fertilizer tender application in real-time

Agcam Watching Jd Planter 2

Coming Soon

C1000 In Challenger Tractor Tilling Corn Stalks 02 08 13

Coming Soon

Agcam Watching Calving Barn

Coming Soon

Features Videos

What makes Dakota Micro products unique? They’re super hardy. Watch our features videos below to get a glimpse into how tough our cameras are designed.

Cameras Withstand 10G’s of Force!

The AgCam and EnduraCam cameras are rated IK10+. That means they can withstand over 10G’s of force! Like a tree falling on them.

Infrared Night Vision

Filmed entirely outside in pitch darkness with an AgCam camera. How far do you think we could see? Watch to find out!

Cameras with Solids Protection

Our AgCam and EnduraCams have the highest rated protection against solids intrusions. Even the smallest dust on planet Earth can’t even get into an AgCam camera.

What is an IP Rating?

The IP69K rating is the toughest on the market. But what does that even mean? Tune in to this video for the details.

Billet Aluminum vs. Cast Aluminum

AgCam and EnduraCam cameras are milled from a solid billet of aluminum. What does that mean? It’s a case of steak versus ground beef. Watch to find out the scoop.

Can Your Camera Handle This?

Our cameras are some of the toughest on the planet. Don’t believe us? Watch us put our Made-in-the-USA cameras to the test.

Waterproof? You Betcha.

AgCam and EnduraCam can work wherever, even underwater, since they have the highest waterproof rating.