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The AgCam gives you all the features you want in an unbeatable camera system. Initially developed for the punishing conditions and severe weather found on farms, it is now used by a wide variety of industries where rugged dependability and clear images are vital. In addition to our 3 year camera warranty and 2 year monitor warranty, you also get our assurance that the AgCam camera system has been put through hell and keeps coming back for more. See for yourself on our “Can We Break It” videos.

Available as individual components or in convenient kits
Set-Up Guides

There are a lot of ways to use your Dakota Micro camera system and we've made every task easier by making sure you always get the view you need. View our Lens Selection Guide to find an option that works best for your application.

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Additional Internal Reinforcement NO
Resolution True HD Resolution (720P)
Country of Manufacture Dakota Micro Inc. | AgCam High Definition Camera System - Made in the USA logo
Durability StarStarStarStarStar Partial
Video Output Type

AHD or CVBS (Analog)

  • Improved color and clarity over standard analog video cameras
Camera Viewing Angles

92°, 46°, 21°, 15° (dependent on lens size)
Lens Selection Guide

  • Standard lens features a fixed 3.6mm with a 92° field of view
  • Optional lenses available for a narrower viewing angle, giving the option to view subjects farther away
  • 6mm lens offers a 46° field of view, 12mm lens offers a 21° field of view, while a 16mm lens offers a 15° field of view
Wide Angle Backup Camera Available Yes – 170°
  • Video System (NTSC or PAL)
  • Video Output Type (AHD or Analog)
  • Mirroring
Camera Warranty 3 Years
Monitor Warranty 2 years
Waterproof Rating


  • Solid billeted aluminum camera body features Dakota Micro’s proprietary triple o-ring seal making them 100% waterproof even under direct high-pressure spray and underwater use.
Auto-darkening Lens


  • Increased ability to interpret shadowed areas, allowing for a larger viewing area
  • Built-in, high-quality CCD camera with high-performance IR’s with an effective range of 75’+ in complete darkness, resists blooming and back reflection
  • Our exclusive camera body lens darkens in bright conditions and becomes completely transparent under low light conditions
  • This lens is also transparent of infrared light, allowing the LED’s to penetrate even when it is darkened
Camera Housing

IP69 Anodized Aluminum

  • Waterproof, shockproof, and suitable for nearly any use, resists corrosion even in the harshest environments
Cable Type

Superflex Silicone Jacket

  • Made in the USA*
  • Silicone jacketing resists heat, cold, compression & crimping
  • Gold plated, corrosion resistant pins
  • Watertight connections
  • 1/4 twist lock keeps cables securely locked together
  • Our durable power/video extension cables come in 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 50ft, 60ft & 80ft lengths and feature sturdy, watertight connectors
  • 1 Year Warranty
Camera Lens Type Triple Hardened Glass lens resists scratching, scuffing and static buildup
Available in Wireless Yes
Available Monitor Sizes

7 inch, 9 inch, 9 inch Quad

  • 16:9 aspect ratio, so the image doesn’t need to be “stretched” to match monitors
  • Feature the latest in Analog HD technology
  • LED-backlit
  • View both NTSC and PAL cameras
  • Advanced LCD technology allows you to see your image from any angle clearly
  • Mirror the view of any of your cameras for use as a backup camera
  • 4 Camera Inputs
  • Event triggers for each camera allow for triggered events to bring your camera to full view (IE: putting the vehicle in reverse)
  • Color, brightness and contrast controls that allow compensation for use in different environments
  • Remote control, sun shield, and metal U-bracket monitor stand included
Available in Split Screen Yes
Video System NTSC or PAL
# of Available 3rd Party Monitor Adaptors 29
Camera Monitor Kits Available Yes-Single & Double camera kits
Camera Tail Removable/replaceable camera tail for easy replacement

Dakota Micro Product Catalog
(Updated 11/16/18)

Dakota Micro Lens Selection Guide – Features list of available lenses

Monitor Input Guide – Features list of available adapter cables

John Arkansas Tree Planter - Arkansas

People always ask me, what is the difference between an AgCam vs. CabCam camera, was it worth the money? We had an AgCam camera get knocked off a tree planter. This camera was buried 18″ underground after being run over by a 6,000 pound machine and being compressed in soil at up to 3,000 psi. Not knowing exactly where it was lost, we were able to use a metal detector to find the camera two days later, after heavy rain. We used an air compressor to blow the dirt from around the connecting pins. We then plugged the camera in and it works and looks as good as new, except for some cosmetic damage where the blades struck the sides.

Linda Swarinsky - Rockford, Illinois

Thank you for the quick shipping. the AgCam is now installed on our JD 4710 Sprayer on the rear boom & working great. It showed a problem clog on a spray tip——–the very first day! Well worth it! thanks again.

Pat Roggod - Gregory, South Dakota

The wireless AgCam camera system has been such an asset. We have saved several calves already and in these temperatures it has been a blessing. We have set it up on our house but can take the antenna & receiver to our office about 3/8 mile north and it works great. I feel it’s the best purchase we’ve made in a long time.

Duke Farms - Decatur, Alabama

The AgCam camera allows the nut (peanut) buggy operator to see inside the trailer to keep it from over filling and spilling peanuts on the ground. We have to wait until the dew dries every morning (around 10 to 11am) before we start harvest, and continue until the dew falls at night (around 8 to 10pm). The camera lets us see in the dark loading the trailers without having to use some other light source.

Larry Marrs - Paris, Illinois

We have used our AgCam camera and monitor system now for five years. We have recently upgraded our camera and purchased the new 9″ monitor. This represents one of the best systems on the market. My wife Bonnie operates our grain cart, and this system provides her with a clear view day or night, of each truck or wagon she needs to see. The service and help from Dakota Micro has been great. Thank You, Larry & Bonnie Marrs.

Ted Moir - White City, Saskatchewan

General Manager of Operations Silver Silos Terminal – We installed an AgCam at our grain handling facility to help us identify any leakage from rail cars during loading operations. This camera has allowed us to reduce leakage to almost nil, almost eliminating the amount of workload required after the fact to clean up spilt grain. At times during our loading the lens can become totally covered with dust, and still it gives us a perfect picture and lets us know exactly what is happening at ground level. The AgCam is truly an amazing piece of equipment and we consider it to be the easiest way for us to reduce our day to day workload.

Dave Fjaagesund - Chaplin, Saskatchewan

I run a 250 head cow calf operation. I purchased a AgCam about a month ago for my calving season. I have put the camera on the yard light pole in the heifer pen and the receiver is hooked up to my TV. I get a clear picture even during inclement weather and I am impressed with the clarity even in the dark. This device saves me the time and energy of constantly checking on the heifers and disturbing them while they are calving. I now know when I have to be on hand to help just by turning on the TV. We saved two calves this year so far that were twisted in the heifers by being able to see the distress and getting out to assist the them. What especially impressed me was the personal assistance that Bruce Treleaven gave while I was setting my AgCam up. I never felt like my money was taken and I was left on my own to figure it out. I would highly recommend the AgCam to large or small cattle operations; it will soon pay for itself.

RT Custom Harvesting - Iowa

This is the second year using our AgCam system, this year we added a wireless system to get video from the combine hoppers to the grain cart. We have increased safety and efficiency without a doubt. This equipment is durable and very easy to install. The cameras are able to be moved around easily and the dust doesn’t seem to be a problem at all. We love our cameras. Thanks

Grant M - Wyoming

I have been using your AgCam system for the past 6 months; I have moved it between many machines and to monitor my cattle. The wireless was an exceptional addition allowing me to monitor my cattle from the house and I also used it once to catch an employee stealing gas. With calving season coming up soon I plan to get the new 4 camera display adaptor to reduce trips to the barn.

Mike R - South Dakota

I do custom combining throughout the upper Midwest and got this AgCam system to watch behind my equipment when I was traveling down the highway, but I have found SO many other uses for it. I also have the wireless add on, so I can put a camera at the end of the combine auger and see the inside of the hopper. I am thinking of getting another monitor and receiving unit and then my grain cart operator would be able to see the inside of the cart too. I have found a million uses for the system; I really like its versatility.

Wally - Montana

You guys sent me a 90 angle cable as a replacement earlier this year. I promised to send the original back to you. I ‘misplaced’ a connector end, recently found it, now I can return it. Your camera system is excellent on my Highline Bale Pro CFR1251. Your service has been top notch. Thank you!

Diane Coombs - Wroxton, Saskatchewan

We have had our AgCam set up and running for 48 hours…. and it has almost paid for itself already… we had a cow with a brand new calf, another trying to steal it… and were able to get to the barn and intervene before disaster struck…. Just the fact that we can watch what is going on, all the time…. not just when we walk down to the corral…. makes all the difference in the world. We already had a black and white CabCam camera set up in the barn, but this outside color camera gives so much more detail… in a bright, sharp image…. even at night….. Would highly recommend for any cattleman wanting to keep a close eye on their cattle…. Dick & Diane Coombs, Bar C Ranch.

Todd Pistorius - SE, North Dakota

We use your Ag Cam camera year round. During harvest we use it in the tractor for the grain cart. We have a lot less fatigue at the end of the day by using your Ag Cam. Which means more production, which means more efficiency. We have also used the Wireless AgCam Camera in our calving barn. We don’t have unnecessary trips to the barn at night. This is a wonderful product and we definitely recommend Ag Cam, it is very user friendly and has many valuable uses. Thank you Ag Cam.

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