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Introducing the RazerCam by Dakota Micro – the sleekest camera on the market, meticulously crafted to eliminate your blind spots.

Aptly named after a razor for a reason, this ingenious flush mount camera comes with a remarkable 170° or 120° field of view, making it the most versatile backup camera solution. Tailored for use with various machinery, including Skid Steers, Excavators, and UTVs. This camera redefines rearward vision, offering unrivaled clarity and safety. Seamlessly integrating AgCam and EnduraCam cameras into our Dakota Micro monitors, you can easily add the RazerCam to your repertoire of cameras. Offering a variety of 3rd party adapter cables, it will cater to your diverse monitoring needs.


Envision an expansive of up to 170˚ field of view dedicated solely to enhancing your rear vision, effectively acting as an ever-alert guardian. The remarkable wide-angle lens emerges as an additional set of vigilant eyes, diligently eradicating blind spots and potential hazards. Navigating complex environments or maneuvering through tight spots becomes effortless as the RazerCam empowers you with unparalleled situational awareness.

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Versatility and Precision: Dual Mounting Options and High-Definition Excellence

The RazerCam transforms into your most versatile defense mechanism against mishaps. Its precision design allows for 100% flush mounting, seamlessly integrating into the contours of your machine. This preserves the sleek aesthetics of your equipment while ensuring the camera remains protected amidst demanding work conditions. Alternatively, the included universal bracket offers adaptability, catering to your unique operational requirements.


For operators of various heavy machinery, using the Analog High Definition (AHD) versions of the camera elevates your monitoring game. Boasting true 720P high-definition resolution, these models deliver unrivaled clarity and vivid color reproduction, revolutionizing the monitoring technology landscape. The high-resolution imagery becomes your guiding beacon, enabling informed decisions in real time.

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Specs & Guides

System Specs

RazerCam Variable Specs

Country of Manufacture

China (Modified and Tested in the USA)

Video System

NTSC (60Hz, 30fps) or
PAL (50Hz, 25fps)

Video Type

CVBS (Analog) or
AHD (Analog High Definition)

Vertical x Horizontal Resolution

640 x 480 (CVBS) or
1280 x 720 (AHD)

Lens Angle

Standard = 120° FOV or
Custom = 170° FOV

Reversible Image


RazerCam Static Specs

Image Pick-up Device


Scanning System


Night Vision

Visible White Lights


0.01 LUX@F1.2

Electronic Shutter

Currently Unknown

Back Light Compensation

Auto On/Off

Camera Body Lens

Not Applicable

Operating Power

12v – 24v (AHD)

Operating Temp

-45°F (-43°C) ~150°F (66°C)

Camera Connection

EN3 5-pin Male


Cast Aluminum Panel Mount


1.76″ (44.7mm) (W) x 1.09″ (27.7mm) (D)


Currently Unknown

Waterproof Rating


Vibration/Shock Rating

IK10 (BS EN 62262)

Razercam Specs

The RazerCam goes beyond its conventional role as a mere camera – it transforms into a versatile rearward defense system, tailored for Skid Steers, Excavators, UTVs, and more. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of an expansive field of view, coupled with top-tier image quality and versatile mounting options. Let the RazerCam be your unwavering partner, reinforcing your rear perspective and magnifying your operational prowess as you navigate intricate landscapes and confined spaces.


Elevate your monitoring experience with the RazerCam and seize control like never before.