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Learn more about using the Dakota Micro RazerCam camera system on a skid steer.

Amplify the operational efficiency of your skid steer with the Dakota Micro RazerCam camera system, a revolutionary enhancement. Envision the profound impact this cutting-edge system could have on your operations and usher in a new era of excellence.

With an impressive 170˚ rear field of view, the RazerCam surpasses traditional standards and provides a perspective that eradicates blind spots. This feature gives you unparalleled visibility and will heighten the precision and control you wield over many tasks.

The RazerCam isn’t merely an accessory; it symbolizes a transformative upgrade with the potential to unleash the true capabilities of your skid steer. The flexibility in the Dakota Micro RazerCam extends beyond its visionary features because it also offers a choice between a universal and a custom mount. This adaptability ensures that the RazerCam isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution but a tailored enhancement meeting your unique needs.

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Features & Upgrades

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Why You Need One

Picture scenarios where this adaptability and unmatched vision, with a range of mounting options, enhances the overall functionality of your skid steer. This comprehensive solution is the key to maximizing potential and optimizing performance. 

Confidently conquer tasks with the groundbreaking capabilities of the Dakota Micro RazerCam camera system. Set a new benchmark for excellence in heavy equipment operation, and witness your skid steer experience ascend to extraordinary heights.