Helping Clear the Path

By: Gary Manske – Executive Director, Sales & Marketing

EnduraCam on side mirror of ND DOT plow truck

Winter is upon us and for northern climate drivers this means exercising extra caution around plow trucks. As a plow truck driver, it means long hours in poor driving conditions that can lead to fatigue and sometimes unfortunate accidents. Dakota Micro can help. While we can’t give plow truck drivers a warm cup of coffee to keep them alert, we can keep watch so they can see their surroundings. The peace of mind having an extra set or two, or three, or more eyes on the road is invaluable. And the money saved by reducing accidents, injury damages, and potential deaths far outweigh the cost of a system.

According to a USA Today article, snowplow accident data from just 12 Iowa counties showed 415 snowplow accidents in the previous five years. That’s an average of 83 accidents per year.  These ranged from plow trucks hitting or backing into other vehicles, to scraping parked cars, to plow trucks being rear-ended by motorists. What’s worse, these accidents caused more than $1.6 million dollars in damage, including repairs and settlements to injured motorists.

What are the top two causes of snowplow accidents?1. 

9 inch HD Quad monitor in ND DOT plow truck cab

  1. Low visibility. Low visibility is the number one reason for plow truck accidents. Falling snow and snow fog from plowing makes visibility near impossible. The Fix: To help operators see around their plow trucks, we recommend installing cameras on the rear, sides and even on the plow.

  2. Drowsiness. Driver fatigue is the second major factor in plow truck accidents. Operators work long, unpredictable hours during horrible blizzard conditions making way for costly and dangerous accidents. The Fix: Keep drivers’ eyes focused ahead, while utilizing a monitor to see strategically placed cameras around their blind spots. By helping operators keep their eyes forward, operators stress less and use less energy turning back and forth so they remain alert throughout their whole shift. 

The use of cameras on DOT plow trucks is on the rise. It just makes sense. The benefits far outweigh the camera system costs. Just think of all the money Iowa could have saved if they had had cameras installed on their trucks!

What do we recommend?

Dakota Micro EnduraCam cameras are the best choice for plow truck applications. They’re our most rugged camera. They feature:

EnduraCam camera with pop-out list of features

  • Reinforced internal components to handle intense shock and vibration (IK10 rated)
  • Climate flexible from -50°F to 150⁰F, suitable for the harshest locales
  • Analog high definition, 720P resolution for the clearest picture
  • Triple-hardened glass lens resisting scratches, scuffs, and static buildup
  • Solid billeted-aluminum camera housing making them 100% waterproof and dust proof (IP69k rated), resisting corrosion in the toughest environments

Dakota Micro understands how hard it is to keep the roads clear for motorists.  EnduraCam cameras are designed to help plow truck drivers become more productive, efficient, and operate safely in a difficult work environment.  Add a camera system to your plow truck. Avoid accidents. Stress less. Clear roads faster and save money. Keep your eyes forward and let a Dakota Micro camera system help you clear the path!


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Do you already have a camera-ready system?

Dakota Micro also manufacturers adapter cables for many popular spreader monitors including the Force America SSC6100 Control System. A great add-on camera to your existing monitor.