Why are Dakota Micro’s AgCam and EnduraCam Cameras Superior? Part 3 – Durability

By: Gary Manske – Executive Director, Sales & Marketing

There are several reasons cameras built by Dakota Micro are superior. In part three of this four-part series, durability is the topic.

Part 3 – Durability

Durability is defined as the ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage. Its synonyms include long-lasting, made to last, or well made. As we’ve learned, Dakota Micro’s AgCam and EnduraCam cameras have a superior lens and camera body. This also translates to a very durable camera that can withstand the test of time while being used in very harsh environments.

Durability can be measured or ‘rated’ in a number of ways. An Ingress Protection (IP) Rating provides a numeric rating that defines the level of protection the equipment has from intrusion of particles like dust and moisture. Both the AgCam and EnduraCam were certified at IP69K. The number “6” represents the highest level of particle ingress, which means it is totally dust-tight. While the number “9” represents the degree of protection from moisture ingress, meaning the cameras are protected at the highest levels for water intrusion from both, extended immersion in water and high-pressure/high-temperature water-jets.


Another important rating to look for is the IK rating, which is an Impact Protection (IK) rating.  This measures the durability of external mechanical impacts. In my previous article, I discussed the Dakota Micro AgCam and EnduraCam, having a triple hardened glass lens and being made from a solid billet of anodized aluminum. These components help to  provide for a certified impact protection rating of IK10 on Dakota Micro’s manufactured cameras, which is the highest degree of mechanical protection as defined by both International and European standards. In other words, the cameras can withstand the impact of 20 joules, or 5kg mass, dropping from 400mm three times. If you’re not into the metric system, that’s like dropping an 11-pound weight on the camera from a height of 15.75 inches. Of course, to be rated at IK10, the camera needs to survive these impacts.

Dakota Micro has amassed many stories of our cameras withstanding abuse in legitimate uses. However, in the unlikely event, something does go wrong, Dakota Micro stands behind their products, by putting a three year repair warranty on the AgCam and EnduraCam. Yes, unlike other cameras, the AgCam and EnduraCam are repairable, since we build them, in most cases, we can repair them.

Need proof of the durability of the Dakota Micro AgCam and EnduraCam cameras? We’ve performed both real and not so real-life tests of our own. Take a look at our “Can We Break It” video series to see some of these unscientific tests we put the cameras through and give us your feedback.

If you want real-life proof, check out our testimonials section from some of our customers who are living the dream of having a ruggedized camera on their equipment! Check this out….


This series will conclude with our next article about Dakota Micro cables. Our cameras are not only built tough, our cables are special too. Stay tuned for Part 4.

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