Don’t Put Dakota Micro’s Cameras out to Pasture

By: Jason Hagelstrom – Director of Marketing

Dakota Micro cameras are made tough and to last for years without trouble, but that does not mean things cannot go wrong.  From time to time we do receive calls from our dealers or customers saying they need to purchase a replacement AgCam, EnduraCam, or InnoPro camera because the camera stopped working.  The mentality is understandable because most cameras in the rear view back up camera industry are cheaply made, throw away cameras that cannot be repaired. Further, they are not made in the USA with the ability to work directly with the manufacturer on solutions. AgCam, EnduraCam, or InnoPro cameras from Dakota Micro are repairable and will likely cost a lot less to fix than buying a new one.

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The Dakota Micro repair process is a big reason so many people love our rugged products we manufacture.  If a situation arises where a Dakota Micro product is not working properly, there are tools to help quickly. A first step should be our website; The Tech Support section has commonly asked FAQs and troubleshooting steps. This is a great way to solve many of the more basic questions that arise and allow you to get back to work with your camera system quickly.

Dakota Micro manufactured cameras, which include the AgCam, and EnduraCam have a 3-year repair warranty.  If the camera is older and out of warranty, it can often be repaired at a fraction of the cost to buy a new camera.  When we say you are buying the camera to use for a long time, we stand behind that by keeping the repair costs down and make sure you are getting as much use out of our products that you can get.

There are times where some in depth tech support is needed, and the Dakota Micro team is eager to help.  When a repair call comes in, the support team will do some initial troubleshooting with to see if the problem can be resolved in the field. If this is not possible, a repair authorization ticket will be created, and a repair authorization number will be provided with instructions for sending the product to the factory.

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When a repair authorization is received, Dakota Micro will diagnose the issue and provide an analysis, within 48 hours from the time the product arrives. These findings are explained to the customer, with a cost and time frame to complete the repair.  Most repairs are done within one business day of getting the customer’s approval. As efficient as this process is, there are times where more testing is required to make sure the problem is evaluated and solved completely.

The AgCam camera is designed to handle tough environments, but nothing is perfect, and issues do come up.  With the backing of Dakota Micro and our American Made products, you can have confidence the products will operate flawlessly for many years.  The Dakota Micro camera systems should never be put out to pasture.