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AgCam®/EnduraCam®/RazerCam™ five (5) Camera 12′ Coiled Trailer

This trailer extension cable is built to be interchangeable between the AgCam®/EnduraCam®/RazerCam™ lines of cameras, giving you more flexibility in articulated locations. This kit includes 12′ coiled power video extension cable with five (5) EN3 5-pin male, five (5) EN3 5-socket female, two (2) trailer 12-pin males, and two (2) trailer 12-socket females.




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Each end of the cable has 5 EN3 connectors so you can quickly and cleanly unplug your cabling and move your cameras from equipment to equipment and not deal with grime and grit you may have in the threads of other connectors. The EN3s have a waterproof rating of IP66/IP68 but it’s always a good idea to use some dielectric grease if you are moving things around. The panel mount connections on both ends provide convenient mounting options. The external threads ensure a secure fit to keep you cabling between vehicle and trailer in a safe location. The coiled portion extends up to 12' to provide the stretch you need to jump across those articulated points.


This kit includes AgCam®/EnduraCam®/RazerCam™ five (5) male connection cables, five (5) female connection cables, one (1) coiled expandable section with threaded connections, two (2) trailer brackets, four (4) trailer bracket screws, and four (4) trailer bracket nuts.

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