EnduraCam® AHD 7″ Monitor, two (2) AHD NTSC Cameras, and Cables

The EnduraCam® line of cameras is made in the USA just like our AgCam®, but with added internal circuit reinforcements that no amount of vibration or direct impact is going to break. Making it the preferred camera for relentless use. This EnduraCam® kit includes one (1) AHD 7″ monitor, two (2) AHD 92° NTSC cameras, two (2) 20′ and two (2) 60′ shielded power video flex cables, and accessories.



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What's in the Box?
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What’s in the Box?

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EnduraCam Features

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Installing an EnduraCam

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Each Dakota Micro® monitor was designed and individually quality inspected for functionality and durability right here in our USA facility. The LED backlite 16:9 digital screen will provide you with crisp images and rich colors to enhance our high and low resolution cameras. Featuring auto dimming for day and night use, detachable harness with four camera inputs for easy movability, and auto switching between formats (CVBS, AHD, NTSC, and PAL), so you can use any of your previous versions of the EnduraCam®. It will display up to 4 cameras independently that you can cycle through with the press of a button. Made in the USA, our EnduraCam® is milled out of a chunk of solid billet aluminum and then anodized; this camera is designed to withstand just about every use and environment from vibration to corrosive sprays. Internally we individually reinforce the components for added protection against continual vibrations and impact. Additionally, the camera's quality optical devices and imaging sensors are protected with our triple hardened curved glass lens to provide you clear dependable images in all light settings. The camera's Analog High Definition (AHD) format will let you utilize the benefits of the monitor's higher resolution and colors without the lag you can get with digital video. Delivering these images in all conditions are our over-molded, USA made, shielded power video flexible extension cables. All this and more is supported by our camera's 5 year warranty against manufacture defects and guaranteed forever against water or dust ingress and 2 year warranty against manufacture defects on our monitor. You can be confident you are not only getting a camera but a return on your investment.


This kit includes one (1) AHD 7" monitor, one (1) monitor wire video power harness, one (1) monitor sunshade, one (1) monitor hang on bracket, four (4) monitor bracket wing bolts, one (1) monitor remote, one (1) 12v auxiliary power adapter, two (2) AHD 92° NTSC cameras, two (2) anodized camera brackets, two (2) 99 lb. pull magnets, two (2) standard camera tails, four (4) nylon fiber washers, six (6) 1/4 20 hex bolts with nylock, two (2) 1/4 20 hex nuts, two (2) 5/32 allen wrenches, two (2) 20' extension cables, two (2) 60' extension cables, and twelve (12) 7" black zip ties.

User Manual: DM-H7

User Manual: DMEC-HC

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