RazerCam CVBS 170° NTSC Camera

Product Details: This RazerCam kit includes one (1) CVBS 170° NTSC Camera  User Manual DMRZ-LC

The RazerCam line promotes a thin profile CVBS camera with panel mounting capabilities. With an impressive 170° field of view from left to right it is a perfect safety option for observing your close proximity surroundings. By integrating into Dakota Micro, Inc. monitors and cabling you reduce any video lag you may experience using wireless or digital options. The waterproof panel mount design with hex nut allows you to use one of our existing RazerCam camera brackets or drill your own hole for mounting, making it customizable for almost any application.

This camera will only work with a monitor that supports CVBS quality and a NTSC signal. Please check your monitor before ordering.



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7 inch Waterproof, 7 inch, 9 inch, 9 inch Quad, 9 inch Quad DVR

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