Dakota Micro® AHD/CVBS Wireless Receiver

The Dakota Micro® line of wireless receivers is made in the USA to work with our AHD/CVBS camera and monitor systems. Built as rugged as our cameras, it is designed to withstand mother nature’s harshest conditions. This Dakota Micro® kit includes one (1) AHD/CVBS wireless receiver, one (1) 3dBi antenna, and power adapters.



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We designed the stand-alone wireless receiver to work with AgCam®/EnduraCam®/RazerCam™ cameras and Dakota Micro® monitors. The housing is milled out of a chunk of solid billet aluminum, anodized, and then sent onto our team of assemblers. Finally, it’s encased by hand in a 24-hour cure 2-part epoxy. We do all this to make sure your investment is protected against vibration, impact and tough environmental conditions. It's 12-24v fused passthrough wiring allows you to power your receiver and monitor with a single power source. Using a 2.4 GHz wireless signal eliminates the cost of cabling and can extend your viewing capability up to 300ft if you have a clear line of sight from monitor to camera. We have enabled up to 4 different frequency choices giving you options to reduce potential interference from other signals flying through the air that might be using the same 2.4 GHz signals. At Dakota Micro we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and part of that is being honest to a fault. Even with all the advantages that wireless can offer it can be difficult to get the results you might be expecting. Initially intended as a stationary wireless solution for applications like viewing calving barns or grain probes this wireless unit can also be used in mobile applications, but sometimes with mixed results.  Please read the Important Considerations* section below as we want you to be informed of some of the challenges encountered with wireless systems.
This kit includes one (1) AHD/CVBS wireless receiver, one (1) 3dBi antenna, one (1) 12v auxiliary power adapter, one (1) hardwire adapter, and one (1) AC power wall adapter.
*Important Considerations: Like all wireless 2.4 GHz systems, it may not always be a perfect solution for your application and we suggest, if possible, using our cabled cameras over the wireless alternatives. Using cabling will give you the clearest images with no inference or connectivity issues. With wireless you may encounter interference from any source producing a magnetic field, a wireless signal, or “sight line” obstructions like metal buildings and tree rows. Some of these challenges can be overcome with antenna placement and elimination of external obstructions. In making our wireless units both AHD and CVBS camera compatible each signal will produce different results. For example, CVBS will give you more distance, but less clarity and AHD will give you higher resolution, but less reliability and connectivity. For all these reasons we suggest before permanent installation of any wireless equipment you do some initial testing and practicing. Start small with short distances and work your way out. Please be aware that even though our Dakota Micro® team strives to be as accurate and helpful as possible we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with all applications or account for the unlimited scenarios that are available. We hope these Important Considerations help you make the best choice for your desired use.  

User Manual: DM-HRX

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